Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why not take another crack at it...

Hello it's a gorgeous, sunny day on Long Island and I just went out for a very long walk through town and along the water. It always amazes me how beautiful the town I live in is and I'm so lucky that I can call this place home. I stopped at the library and picked up some books and then got an ice coffee from 7-11. It's been a great day so far!

So why start up this blog again? Why not, is what I say! I always like reading what other people are up to in their lives, and truthfully I get kinda bored on the internet waiting for my BF to come online so here's a little something for me to do.

It's been one year since graduating college. Was in China for 2 months, Ireland for 4 months, came back to New York, interviewed, got a job, and have been waiting ever since for it to start. June 21 is the big day and I've been home since April 1st. However, living at home and knowing you have a job really takes the pressure off and I've seriously been enjoying just exercising, reading books, tanning, and playing homemaker to my Mom.

Thankfully I have had some adventure thrown in. Being out here in this secluded little nook of Long Island can definitely get boring and I've been fortunate enough to have little distractions from myself when living at home becomes, well, living at home. Last weekend I bartended at a wedding which was very fun and made a little getting around cash as well. A couple of weeks ago I went down to Florida for my brother's graduation from Law School. It was more family time than necessary but it was a fun change of pace nonetheless. Now for my big finale of my 2 months of unemployment and worry free lifestyle, a medical mission trip to Ecuador! I leave tomorrow afternoon and head down south to provide free healthcare through the organization Blanca's House. After our stint in Salinas, we're heading to the Galapagos. Something I feel so incredibly happy to be doing since I missed out on it the first time I went to Ecuador (just the simple fact that this is my 2nd time to South America is humbling enough). I'm excited and nervous and not sure what to expect, but happy that I'm headed out on a new and different adventure.

So it seems pretty silly to start a blog and then leave it for a week but it's a little introduction to what my next post will be!


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