Saturday, May 29, 2010

Volcanic eruptions are everyone's problem...

Well today is the day I am supposed to leave for Ecuador. Unfortunately, a volcanic eruption has not only reaked havoc on Central and South America, it also cancelled our flight today. Now we're one day behind schedule, hopefully getting a flight out tomorrow night. Then we're going to have to set up all our equipment quick and hopefully perform as many surgeries as we had previously hoped to complete.

The group we are going down with is about 65 people strong, filled with surgeons, nurses, and volunteers. Just being in the airport for about an hour and a half I was introduced to some really great people who were excited and anxious to get down there and start helping. For some it's their second or third trip and they were welcoming the newbies (like my sister and myself) with open arms. It was very dissapointing to have to leave the airport but I'm just hoping that tomorrow things go a bit smoother.

One fun part, the night before, my dad, sister and I went to my brother's for a feast of seafood. My brother had a 4 pound lobster which we had to tell my nephew was "sick", so that's why we had to eat it. Clams, shrimp and salmon, does not get any better than that!

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