Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eating cheap and healthy

One of my favorite things about living alone is having the fridge all to myself.

That's all me in there. If I was on an episode of "Cribs" I think it would go something like this:

"I gots the fresh fruit, you know you gots to have the fresh fruit. Plums, bananas, cherry tomatoes, and Figs. Figs man, those things are bomb! Let's see, I got some vegetables, dem be good. Cottage cheese, I make it savory and sweet, got my coffee and milk, can't do nuttin without my coffee, and Tahini - just put it on everything!"

Not to take away from Tel Aviv's culinary scene, I mean my previous post was all about my near orgasmic experience eating out really yummy dinner. But most of the time, it's hard for me to reconcile going to a restaurant and buying a salad when I know everything I want is in my own fridge. I've developed a minimalist "cooking" style, the quotations are necessary in that I rarely cook and just throw together my favorite flavors, with little to no dressings or spices, just letting the food taste as it should. I do this more out of laziness and ineptitude in the kitchen, but it makes me happy.

My breakfast of champions.
To confirm how lazy and cheap I am, I use the program issued, one of two glass mugs as my bowl for my morning oatmeal. I splurged on a cutting board and a knife that is sharper than a butter knife, but I still fear for my fingers every time I chop. Most mornings I make a cup of quick oats with my handy dandy kettle, half a banana, a fig, and some apple. Fig has become one of my new favorite fruits here - a little dangerous as well since it's more than likely to have more creepy crawlers than a normal fruit haul.

Now that I'm a pseudo-workin girl, just that I actually have to leave the place I live for most of the day, my lunches have turned into random concoctions. Yesterday I had rice cakes with cottage cheese, a plum, a carrot, and cherry tomatoes. Today I had all of that, plus someone brought in a huge thing of curry lentil soup that was absolutely amazing.

A good mix of an Israeli dinner.
Dinner is my new jam. Tonight I had a cup of chamomile tea, I was in the unwinding mood. A typical salad here is aptly titled, Israeli salad. It consists of chopped up tomatoes and cucumbers and is dressed with oil, lemon, salt and pepper. My version, I add more fig (of course!), carrots, mushrooms, avocado and a hard boiled egg. I then squeeze fresh lemon for the dressing. As my guilty pleasure I have hummus on the side. A popular way to eat hummus at restaurants is serving it with a hard boiled egg and slices of onion to use for scooping. I figure if this is what they are going to serve me for 20 sheckles, I can make it myself as well. As you can see I gave myself a healthy scoop of hummus and just went ahead and put it on top of the egg. My favorite ways to eat are just simple tastes, fresh and wholesome. 

Now don't go thinking I'm some health food, all organic nut. It's by eating like this to save money, that I'll leave the really good, additive filled, oil drenched, delicious concoctions for when I crave it. For this I'll go to the experts. One of my missions is to find the best (and biggest!) pizza in Tel Aviv.

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