Sunday, November 14, 2010

A random act of kindness...

Dear New York,

Thank you for this one.

I was going on my lunch break with my friend at work. The day hadn't started off too great. I was still upset about my meetings at work, I had probably made a mistake throughout the day. I just felt like I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I was telling my friend all about my horrible morning. "It was raining so I went to the subway because I wasn't sure I had enough money on my metrocard for the bus. I get down into the subway and swipe my card and see that I actually did have enough for one ride. Awesome, well I'm down here now so I might as well take it. It's packed, of course. The first train comes by and people rush to get on and there's not enough room so I have to wait for the second one. More people come, there is gross dirty city water everywhere. The second train comes and I'm able to get on it but not without losing some of my dignity and scared that in this process I have somehow managed to cheat on my boyfriend. I get out at the stop but realize the exit I take is two blocks south of where I need to go. I come out of the subway and my umbrella is broken. Now I'm late and wet and am scared to see what's in my inbox."

We get into the Atrium and I tell my friend I'll find us a table while she gets her lunch. Of course its 12:30 so it's packed and there is not a free table. I ask this girl sitting by herself at a table of four if she wouldn't mind if my friend and I sat down too. She say's no problem. I start to get myself sorted when this man comes over, puts his stuff on the table and leans in close to me. I'm thinking he's going to also ask to join us and I'm thinking "No way Jose," but before I can say anything he says, "I noticed you didn't have an umbrella coming in here, I'm trains and planes from this stage on, here you are." Then just walks away. What I'm left with is a pretty industrial style compact umbrella. I'm speechless. I don't even have time to recover from my poor thoughts about this man in time to thank him before he's halfway across the room to the exit. I manage to stammer out a "Thank you!"

Who woulda' thunk. I felt very lucky that day, lucky indeed.

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