Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is the first little boy I had to help insert an IV in. He was so cute, and the nurses told us we had to really hold him down, better make him cry now then have to stick him 20 times. But he was a good little trooper and so cute too! He was having his palate reconstructed. Previously he had his cleft lip fixed, then they wanted to give him time to heal before they closed up his palate. Chris was one of the many plastics cases that was our main reason for making sure we got to Salinas. My favorite part of working in pre-op was using my spanish to talk to the patients and reassure them before their surgery.

Here is my little sister scrubbed in on a hysterectomy, girl was able to hold a giant uterus in her hands!

After surgery all the patients were given a mattress and had to stay overnight. In the beginning of the day all the mattresses were stacked up in the hallway, and by the end people were everywhere, lining rooms wall to wall with mattresses. It just shows how grateful they were to be able to have the surgery.

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