Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Walking with J on a blindingly sunny day, six inches of snow and wind chill of -4.

"So I put my ear muffs, sunglasses and lighter on the counter thinking, 'It's my apartment, I can leave these things here without them getting stolen'."

"Lighter?" J doesn't smoke.

"Our pilot light always goes out so we always have to re-light it."

"Ok, so they were all stolen??"

"Well the softball girls came over, because apparently our apartment is the new softball house, and one of them kept putting on my sunglasses saying 'Who's are these?! If there no one's, I'm going to take them!' To which I kept saying 'Uhm.. they're mine...' to no response. And now I can't find them!"

"Oh that sucks, did you ask your roommates, maybe they can ask the girls on the team."

"No they are so oblivious."

"I'm sorry, that's not right."

"Well now my eyes hurt from the sun, my ears are cold and the pilot light is going to be out when I get home and no one will be able to light it"

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